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Neal Communities cares about protecting and enhancing your lifestyle in North Venice. We believe in responsible planning, and we are working to help provide you with safe and convenient amenities around your neighborhood as your area grows. We have proposed a neighborhood commercial center at the corner of Laurel Road and Jacaranda Boulevard that will offer you convenient grocery shopping and casual dining close to your home. You’ll be able to walk, bike or take your golf cart, and roadway improvements are also being designed to ensure it is safe and easy to enter and exit your community.

We are listening and want to address your concerns. Let’s work together to enhance North Venice.
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We are experts at creating communities where people can live and play in Southwest Florida. We are interested in planning responsibly as your North Venice grows. We’ve proposed building a shopping center near you, and we want to make sure it becomes the convenient neighborhood shopping center you love.
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We want to enhance your lifestyle. Your community is growing. According to the City of Venice’s 2030 plan, your North Venice is expected to have 6,000 homes in less than 8 years. We believe providing a local destination for your own shopping and dining experiences will only enhance your lifestyle, not hinder it, as the area around you continues to develop.

We aim to provide easily accessible shopping and dining. The proposed commercial center will provide accessible resources, including grocery shopping and dining opportunities, just minutes from your home. Roadway improvements are being designed to accompany the project to enhance traffic flow and ensure it is easy and safe to enter and exit your neighborhoods.

We want to create pleasant experiences. Just like you, we want to prevent traffic delays and congestion on roadways surrounding your community. We also want to make sure that your shopping experiences remain pleasant without crowded aisles and long checkout lines.

We believe in responsible planning for the future. We’ve all experienced when a growth area doesn’t have the right infrastructure. Crowded roadways, more car accidents, packed parking lots, increased travel time and frustration. We want to protect your quality of life. This commercial center, and its corresponding neighborhood enhancements, is an example of responsible planning.



  • A fresh food source near your home
  • Convenient neighborhood shopping and dining
  • A local neighborhood gathering spot
  • Local jobs for teenagers to seniors
  • Safe travel by vehicle, golf cart, bicycle or foot
  • Less crowded aisles and shorter lines
  • Reduced traffic to other stores and commercial centers
We know you may have questions about this commercial center and the growth of your community. Here are some answers.
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Dates & Resources
Our goal is to provide transparency throughout the entire planning and zoning process as we move forward to enhance your North Venice.
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Investing in North Venice

Within North Venice, we also are hoping to build a park, widen Laurel Road and help build a missing link to connect North Venice to Sarasota – giving you the ability to access even more without traveling on the highway. The combination of public and private investments made in infrastructure will enhance the quality of life for North Venice residents for generations to come.

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Your North Venice

We are listening and want to address your concerns. Neal Communities is working hard to make sure that you maintain a high quality lifestyle as North Venice grows. Let us know how we can help.